An Evaluation of the Role Played by the Christ- Centred Organizations in the Development of Kibera Slums, Nairobi County


Charity Irungu, Kennedy Ouma Olang’, Antony Wando Odek


Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi County and also the largest urban slum in Africa. Despite
many challenges facing the masses in Kibera like HIV/AIDS, negative ethnicity, poverty,
diseases, illiteracy and insecurity, the people of Kibera have formed a strong partnership with
the Christ-Centered Organizations (CCOs) to ensure social transformation within. However,
Christ-Centered organizations have faced diminishing resources, corruption and low capacity
thus exacerbating many of the challenges identified above. Whereas a lot of basic research has
been done in the region, very little study has been done to profile and ascertain the contributions
of Christ-Centered organizations within Kibera slums. The study relied on 10 focus group
discussions and 301 questionnaires to profile and establish the roles of Christ-Centered
organizations in Kibera slums which included Facing the future (FAFU) an FBO which is Christ
Centered, Christ Co-Workers (Chrisco), African Inland Church (AIC), Anglican Church of
Kenya (ACK) and the Catholic church. It also examined challenges and measures that have been
put in place to tackle challenges which Christ Centered Organizations are facing. To achieve the
above objectives, the study relied on descriptive research and this was critical in enabling the
communities to evolve questions and actions on issues that are significant. The data was
organized, tabulated, interpreted and described. Consequently, the study that was funded by St
Paul’s University builds onto the institution’s pioneer works on integral mission and spiritual
formation in the study site. The study concludes that reliance on domestic resources and
ensuring strong working relation with the state agencies is likely to ensure a sustainable social
transformation of the people and the area.
Key Words: Christ Centred Organizations, Role, Challenges, Kibera, Slums


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