Mainstreaming, Women Roles And Challenges For Church Growth In Africa


John Bwire


This study examines ways that can offer solutions to challenges facing women participation in the growth of the church in Africa. The study has explored dimensions of church growth: numerical, organic, maturational and incarnational. Numerically women seem more than men and yet balance growth is lacking in terms of roles women play in the church. The study discusses some impediments or challenges such as cultural practices and beliefs, poor education, leadership, ecclesiastical positions on women and lack of general empowerment among others. This study analyses challenges facing the role of women highlighting contextual examples in Africa but with references to other continents. The paper offers viable solutions and recommendations which aims at mainstreaming women roles towards attaining balanced church growth through gender inclusivity, proper Biblical interpretation and practice.Hypothetically, holistic church growth is not just about numbers, women roles and challenges needs to be mainstreamed, planned and determination made on how to include all in church activities.

Key words are: Mainstreaming, Women, Ordination, Church Growth, Recasting


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