Towards Sustainable Value Chain among Commercial Maize Farmers in Kenya: Leveraging on Technology


Ezekiel Kiriinya


Maize farming plays a crucial role in Kenya's agricultural sector and the economy at large.
However, commercial maize farmers often encounter challenges within the maize value chain
that hinder productivity, profitability, and sustainability. This study aimed at evaluating the
effect of technology adoption on value chain sustainability among commercial maize farmers in
Kenya. The paper outlined research findings from external online desk review of studies that
have focused on the analysis of the role of ICT functionality in maize value chain and in
particular from the perspective of the farmers. Studies were obtained from online sources under
the criteria that focused on the agricultural value chain, focusing the ones carried out from the
year 2010 to 2023. The findings showed that technology driven solutions improve sustainability
in the maize value chain. These technologies enable farmers, suppliers, and consumers to track
the movement of maize products, verify their origin and quality, and ensure adherence to
sustainability standards. The study findings also showed that the utilization of online
marketplaces, mobile applications, and e-commerce platforms provide direct access to buyers,
reducing the dependence on intermediaries and enabling farmers to negotiate fair prices. These
platforms also facilitate efficient communication, streamlined transactions, and minimized
transaction costs, contributing to improved value chain efficiency and profitability. It was
concluded that technology adoption in the maize value chain significantly improves value chain
sustainability. The utilization of specific technologies leads to reduced post-harvest losses,
optimized inventory management, and strengthened farmer-buyer linkages. It was recommended
that maize farmers should actively explore and adopt technology-driven solutions to enhance
their productivity, profitability and sustainability. The Ministry of Agriculture should prioritize
the development and implementation of technology transfer programs tailored to maize farmers.


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