Social Media as a Tool For Political Branding among Select Politicians in Kenya


Juliet Masinde
Winnie Ndeta
Everlyne Wekesa


This study investigated social media as a tool for political branding among politicians in Kenya. A descriptive survey using a quantitative research methods approach was adopted while targeting social media managers operating social media pages of the Members of Parliament (MPs). Questionnaires were used to collect data. The study used a sample of 87 social media managers. The findings indicated that the most commonly used social media for political branding was Facebook followed by Twitter. Instagram and TikTok were ineffective for political branding. Moreover, the findings indicated that for effective social media campaigns, the social media manager should read online conversations, engage with influencers, respond to questions or comments, solicit user-generated content, and create opportunities for users to engage followers. The most essential social media technological factors were graphics and visuals, targeted content, regular updates, and engaging followers. The study recommends that politicians in Kenya should explore different social networks to enhance their branding and visibility. Facebook and Twitter can be highly effective as tools for political branding for Kenyan politicians.


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