The Influence Of New Media Technology on Television Content Sourcing in Kenya


Everlyne Wekesa
Hellen Mberia
Augustus Nyakundi


Advancements in technology are shaping the way things are done in the media at a very high rate.  It has led to a proliferation of devices that have greatly changed the processes of content sourcing, producing and disseminating. This paper was born of a pilot study that aimed at exploring ways in which the new media technology has influenced television content sourcing in Kenya. The study was informed by The Technological Determinist Theory and the Media Determinism Theory. It was conducted in Nairobi County, being the centre of technological innovation in Kenya. The study adopted the descriptive survey design. Its target population comprised of television content creators, television program managers and television audiences. Content creators were selected since they interact with new media technologies daily as they source for content. Program managers were selected since they know the implications of the new media technology on television operations while television audiences who comprised of urban youth were selected since they are techno savvy and exposed to new media technologies. The study employed the quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. Tools for data collection included self-administered questionnaires, interview schedules and focus group discussion guides. The findings revealed that the most commonly used new media technologies for content sourcing include X, F, You Tube, blogs, Google, Zoom among others. The study also revealed that the new media trends including digitization, convergence and media fragmentation have also made content sourcing easier, cheaper and more efficient. Further, the study revealed that Covid-19 pandemic saw television stations switch to alternative methods of content sourcing. Since technology is ever evolving, the findings will help the television industry anticipate challenges posed by technology in order to come up with coping strategies.


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