Using Tows Matrix as a Strategic Decision-Making Tool in Managing KWS Product Portfolio


Florence Kamau, Mary Mukabi, Christine Kemunto, Mary Mugo


In today's changing business environment, product portfolio management is a vital issue. Majority of companies are developing, applying and attaining better results from managing their product portfolio effectively, as the success of any organization is dependent on how well it manages its products and services especially in an unpredictable business environment. The aim of this study was to understand the concept of SWOT analysis as a decision making tool that can be used to manage the product portfolio of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) with the aim of maximizing returns and staying competitive in a dynamic business environment. The study was conducted in the eight KWS conservation areas. Primary data was collected through semi structured questionnaires and in depth interviews. Collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. Research findings revealed that each conservancy had its own strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities; some unique and others similar. The most common strengths were the unique products offered by each conservancy giving the ultimate panoramic view for any tourist, rich history, partnership with other organizations, and well-known internationally. However, lack of aggressive marketing and product diversification, poaching, logging, human encroachment, lack of community participation, competition from other destinations offering similar products, insecurity, economic recession, poor marketing research and infrastructure in some conservancies have been limiting factors. Road infrastructure improvement, park beautification, diversification of products and services, new product development, improvement in facilities as well as local and international tourism marketing are opportunities that KWS can exploit to remain competitive.
Keywords: SWOT Analysis, Product Portfolio, Product Portfolio Management, Competitive Strategies, Kenya Wildlife Service, TOWS Matrix


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