Improving Learning Outcomes and Quality through ICT in University Distance Education


J. Peter Bwire


Most universities in Kenya have double intakes, for regular and parallel programmes where distance learning is preferred as a mode of study for students who may not want residential training. Due to mass intakes in Kenya since the inception of 8-4-4 system of education, resources are overstretched. The most affected students are those in distance learning where internet is not reliable and ICT experts are insufficient or students are not complaint with this system of learning. The purpose of this study was to investigate the place of ICT in university education and its effects on quality learning outcomes. Universities, both in regular and long distance study have drastically opened more learning campuses and centers to take learning to the people. This mass intake has put pressure not only on lecturers but also on ICT delivery and other learning resources with the risk of compromising quality education. To achieve clear outcomes, the study has employed both cognitive and quality education models to conceptualize the summary of the study. The study analyzed requirements of university education viz a viz the effects of ICT on quality education. Qualitative design and research methods such as purposive and random sampling were used to gather both primary and secondary data. Respondents were drawn among students, lecturers and relevant university management staff. Classroom discussions and workshops were also considered to generate informative data. To evaluate the significance of the study and its learning outcomes, detailed information related to ICT platforms was collected from two universities, Kenyatta University and St. Paul’s University which represented public and private universities respectively. These results illustrate that the quality of ICT resources positively or negatively determine learning outcomes today.
Key Words: ICT, Education, Quality, Learning Outcomes, Resources.


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