Gender Equality in the East African Revival Movement


Emily Onyango


The East African Revival is one of the movements which displayed gender equality in the Church. This is mainly because the message of the revival was founded on the message of Pentecost. When people joined the revival, they got inspired by the Holy Spirit which brought complete transformation. The transformation resulted in breaking down all barriers, including barriers between men and women. This article highlights gender equality and empowerment of women in the East African Revival Movement (EARM). Women became both preachers and leaders in the EARM. The revival also resulted in mutuality and partnership in marriage. Walking in the light was a major characteristic of the revival which led to openness and democratic ethos. Testimonies and public confession gave women empowerment. The women challenged cultural practices which had previously disempowered them. The women were persecuted and became martyrs of faith.
Key words: Gender, Equality, East Africa, Revival, Movement


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