Print Media Managers’ Perception of Integration of New Media by Newspapers in Kenya


Charles Ong'ondo, John O. Ndavula, Elizabeth N.M. Gitonga


The study examined print media managers’ perception of adoption of new media in newsrooms in Kenya. Integrating new media in print media houses can be traced back to 2009. However, few studies have examined the managers’ response to these changing dynamics which have seen new media used alongside old media in newsrooms. The study was guided by the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and the Uses and Gratification Theory. The qualitative multiple case study design was adopted. A sample size of 12 media managers drawn from mainstream newspapers in Kenya was purposively selected. Data was collected using in-depth interviews and document analysis. Thematic data analysis revealed that managers identified several opportunities for integration of new media technologies such as the emergence of new audiences, emergence of multiple platforms for content sourcing, production and delivery and adoption of new innovations and the emergence of the multi-skilled journalist. The study recommends that further research on media houses adoption of latest new media platforms and also how they have overcome the challenge of fake news. Further research on the transformation of the print journalist to a multimedia journalist with new roles would also be ideal.
Keywords: New media, innovations, convergence, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Uses and Gratification Theory


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