Youth Empowerment through Peace and Peaceful Coexistence: A Case of the Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa


Mombo Dinah Mudembei


There is no agreed definition of youth and the age groups. For statistical records, the United Nations define the youth to range from the ages of 15 and 24 years while the 2010 Constitution of Kenya records that the youth are from ages 18 and 35 years. These youth form 25 percent of Kenya‟s population and most of them are found in the different institutions of learning. The paper looks at how the Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA) empowers the youth in institutions of learning and the informal settlements in Kenya to enable them to live in peace, act as peace ambassadors and promote peace and peaceful coexistence despite their religious differences, the effects of radicalization and violent extremism and the challenges thereof. The idea is to enable them to bring change to their respective institutions, the community, their families and their country, Kenya. The impact of the youth empowerment is leading to deradicalization and is focused on enabling them gain current and useful information and develop their skills which will enable them to change their lives and be good citizens. The paper analyses youth empowerment methods and strategies which have been put in place and are being used by PROCMURA to empower the youth on peace and peaceful coexistence in Kenya through establishment of PROCMURA university chapters, celebration of peace days, organization of workshops, seminars and conferences. It also analyses the factors why the young people join the different extremist groups, the importance of youth empowerment which enables them to understand the importance of education, peace and peaceful coexistence, reduction of conflicts, and attainment of skills which will lead to the reduction and prevention of conflicts and radicalization. Library research was used to collect qualitative data, organized, facilitated and trained the youth during peace programmes and days like seminars, workshops, peace walks. Carried surveys of the youth.
Keywords: Youth Empowerment, Peace, Deradicalisation, Programmes, PROCMURA.


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