Rejoice In The Face Of Suffering: A Reading Of Romans 5:3-5 On Covid-19 In Africa


Iliya Moses O.


This paper will approach the situation of COVID-19 from Romans 5:3-5 where Paul proposes suffering with “rejoicing” as a sense of humour. The world is experiencing one of the worst pandemics in its history, known as the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). The question this paper seeks to address is: what is the role of humour from Roman 5:3-5 in a trying time like COVID-19? With the number of infections on the increase every day in most European and African countries, without any cure yet, the effect of the pandemic on humans, the economy, society, and family life is severe and making life difficult. The impact includes deaths, fear, anxiety, confusion, hunger, business closure, people losing their jobs; some are discouraged while others are encouraged through their faith. COVID-19 came with its slogan “stay at home” even when the poor masses that cannot afford one square meal a day or buy food for survival are suffering. This pandemic has created more suffering than expected on people, animals, and the environment. This study will analyse how rejoicing can serve as a sense of humour through a contextual reading of Romans 5:3-5 in line with the COVID-19 pandemic, especially from an African perspective. Even though there is no cure yet, this paper will propose the role of “rejoicing” that serves as a sense of humour in facing the reality of suffering that COVID has brought on people especially in the African continent.
Keywords: Romans, Covid, Rejoice Suffering


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